Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Our Mountain Top Experience...

The other weekend Paige, Stani, and I decided to take a little day trip. The weather had started to get really warm here, so we figured we would head to the top of a nearby mountain before all the snow melted. So we put on our hiking boots, filled up our nalgenes, and headed out the door. Just kidding. We actually just hopped in the car, drove about 30 minutes, and then took the enclosed ski lift up to the top.

Man was it beautiful. It was extremely beautiful... but it was also still extremely covered with snow and skiers. I mean, it was packed. And there we were in our tennis shoes, light jackets, and with 2 dogs (that's right, we brought both of Paige's dogs, Windsor and India, up to the top of a mountain with us). We stuck out like soar thumbs. So, we awkwardly stood there for a few moments until we noticed a small patch of ground that wasn't covered in snow, trudged over to it, and looked up to see this amazing view.

Well, after a few minutes of taking in the beautiful sight, we started to realize how ridiculously cold it was. And, let me remind you, we were only in light jackets and tennis shoes. But who gets all the way to the top of a mountain just to turn around and go back down? Well, we do. We stayed up there for about 20 minutes trying to enjoy our mountain top experience, but finally had to accept the reality that we were just not enjoying ourselves. So, what we thought was going to be a day trip, ended up being about a 2 hour trip. Oh well.

Here is a pic showing how spring has sprung here. This is about 20 steps from the door of my apartment building. Yay for pretty flowers! They make all the gray communistic buildings not look so bad.

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