Sunday, June 24, 2007

Mystery Neighbor...

This is the view directly across from mine and Zuzka's balcony. Well, actually, that's a lie. You do see see this from our balcony, but this is if you are looking out my bedroom window. I didn't exactly know how to take this picture without looking completely sketchy, so I had to do it all stealth-like from my window. Don't worry, I don't think anyone saw me.

Anyhow, in reality this balcony is directly across from ours. So, you can imagine that we kind of feel like we share our kitchen with these people, considering they can basically see right in. We used to see right into their living room, but then they so cleverly put up that bamboo stuff which provides them with a little more privacy. Maybe one day Zuzka and I will get around to doing something like that, but probably not.

So, let me finally get to the point of this post. And that is that Zuzka and I are completely intrigued by the people that live there. Specifically the man that lives there. We see him the most, because he is ALWAYS on the balcony smoking. And I'm serious when I say always. Its like he never has to go to work. Either that, or he gets paid to smoke on his balcony. The other day I was sitting on our balcony journaling and out he came. It took everything in me not to just yell across the way, "Hey, What's your deal?" But something tells me he probably wouldn't have thought that was as funny as I would. Zuzka and I have finally come to the conclusion that we think he is part of the mafia here in Zilina. I'm serious. Because he also drives a really nice car for someone who never seems to work. And clearly that's the only logical assumption for why.

There you have it. You people thought me moving to Slovakia would be safe... but little did you know I'd be living across the street from the Slovak Sopranos.


Will said...

Don't worry your brother has a solution(You can thank me when I come and visit in the fall).

Buy a crossbow and while your journaling pretend that you are cleaning it. The image alone will intimidate him and you'll have him offering you bamboo in no time.

Crossbow or maybe a ninja sword.


BritBoat said...

Neat! Did B&K tell you their bus cigarette smuggling story? Maybe I will have one to tell you soon. It's so fun to point out the mafia, isn't it! Sigh...we're so priviledged. I mean, not everyone can say they live across from a chain-smoking, lazy mafia guy with an affinity for bamboo. Really.

Katka said...

I saw him out there on the balcony...and I actually was gonna ask you about him, and then I I know. Well, make friends and life will be good :) haha.

gabbana said...

:D :D :D laura, this is SOOOOOOO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the guy is my aunts husband :D and he is not in mafia ;)