Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Camp Time!

So I realize it has been over a month since my last post, but for goodness sake people, July was just too busy to stop and blog! The first two weeks were filled with helping plan our pre-camp training days for our camp teams, as well as traveling to Bratislava twice. On the 16th the American team from Shandon arrived, and then began the whirlwind of camp! Everyone had training in Zilina for a couple of days, English camp for a week, and, afterwards, a few days of follow up in Bratislava.

Camp this year was so great, but so different from any I had been involved with in the past. Why, you ask? Well, it's because this year a virus managed to pull a sneak attack on our camp site. At first it was just the camp director's son and one other guy, but by the end of the week I'd say almost half of the camp was plagued with some form of it. Including yours truly. That's right, I got myself a nice little virus. And by little, I mean it took me a week to finally get over. Lovely. So, as you can imagine, camp had a bit of a different vibe this year. It was much more laid back than usual. But, amidst all the sickness, God totally moved, and I am really excited to see what comes of the seeds that were planted.

Here are some pictures from camp. I managed to not take a single picture all week, so I stole these from some of the people who came on the Shandon team. I know, I'm a missionary and I shouldn't steal... sorry!

This is me teaching the camp teams our camp dance. Yes. You read correctly. I taught them all a dance. I've got all kinds of tricks up my sleeve that yall don't even know about! And that's Lenka with me. I promise she actually enjoyed doing this with me... even though this picture might seem otherwise.

I helped create a team building activity for American and Slovak camp teams to do together at training. It was something like a picture scavenger hunt around the city. One of the tasks was for their team to all get into some sort of water. They are in a fountain on the lower square in Zilina, and if you can't tell, Mato isn't so shy.

This is Lenka, Jarka, and Liba. Lenka was our camp leader, and she was actually my translator for my very fist camp in Slovakia. All three of these girls rock my face off.

Look at that fierce card playing face. No wonder I always dominate in these games.

Everyone doing the camp dance.

They are giving you their best American smile. Look at all those theeth!

Alright, that's all I got for now. But I promise it won't be another month before my next blog!!


Lindsay Arnold said...

So glad you finally posted. I check like everyday. Glad to see you are well and that camp was great! Makes me miss it all and brings back SO may memories, especially of me and you! Love ya - let me hear from ya soon.

Sarah Burton said...

This was my Thursday goodness. I enjoyed reading this as well as your email update. The pictures...awwww...Lenka, Jarka and Liba are so beyond precious I have no words. You're awesome; miss you; love you.

Will said...

That Sarah girl seems nice. I think I might make her my girlfriend. You nevalose with Camp Times!!!

BritBoat said...

It's time for a new post!