Thursday, October 4, 2007

Fall Conference Pics

I don't really feel like writing today, but I feel obligated to give you some sort of treat since it has been a while since my last post. So, here are some pictures taken while at our JV Fall conference a couple of weeks ago:

This is a picture of the team I work with in Slovakia. The back row is (from L to R): Peto M., Zac, Peto H., and Kenric. The front row is: Draho, Paige, Me, and Miska.

Here is our team photo shoot gone awkward. Um, Kenric, you're a little too close for comfort.

Now these next set of photos could quite possibly blow your mind. They, in fact, are nothing short of AMAZING.

And to clarify, yes, we were going for the "cheezy-senior year-BFF" photo shoot. But I guess instead it should be considered the "cheezy-JV Fall Conference-BFF" photo shoot. The models other than myself are Brittney Boatman (soon to be serving in Ukraine) and Katka Vlnova (serving in Czech). They are my some of my favies.

Who knew I had the secret power to turn into a bunny?

This one actually turned out kinda cute, minus Brittney's "am I really doing this right now?" face.

My personal fave. Seriously, Katka's outstretched "look at me, I'm flying!" arms make me laugh EVERY time.

Oh the beautiful scenery. And the mountains are kinda pretty too. A wink!

NOTE: I realize I seriously overused quotation marks in this post. Please forgive me. But some things just can't be summed up in one word.


Sarah Burton said...

"Firstly, tell Kenric I said stop being weird."...secondly "it's" weird" to see you in different "clothes than what I saw you in last summer." It's like "when" did she get that? Shouldn't she just wear 2 pairs of jeans, tan capris, black capris and a plethora of t-shirts???""!"" Love the hoodie!"

Will said...

I'm again reminded of how proud I am of my sister and her ways. Maybe my favorite blog so far. I feel so beneath Sarah right now. Why does she repress me. A wink!

BritBoat said...

So...I can't express how superriffic (yes, it is a word, a Brittney word) I felt when I read your post and saw our pictures. HOWEVER, I am a bit disappointed you didn't use the "puttin out the vibe" photo. It was by far my favorite. Your face in it is priceless! :-)

Will said...

Don't worry Laura, being awkward isn't nearly as fun without you around. You are like my awkward muse, or my inspiration of all that is weird. Oh how I lavish you with praise.

Lauren said...

hey will you send me your number?