Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Move

Clearly lots of things have happened since I last wrote on here, but I will simplify it greatly for two reasons:

1) I don’t want to bore you with tons of details.
2) I don’t want to bore myself with having to write those details.

So, here we go. Most of my October was spent trying to find a place to live in Bratislava, and, after finding one, the beginning of November was spent trying to find a way to move my junk there. And this past Saturday it finally happened! I moved my butt to Bratislava!

Here’s a little recap of how the day went:

6:00 am – Woke up to a bunch of snow in Zilina. Great. Snow + Moving = Gross
9:00 am – A few friends came over to help move stuff out.
10:30 am – We are already done, and (by the grace of God!) all my junk fit in the Kompas van and Mike’s car. Woot woot!
11:30 am – On the road to BA.
1:30 pm – Arrive in BA and begin moving my stuff up 4 floors, with no elevator. And what really sucks is that the building has an elevator, but you have to have a special key for it to work. Well, we don’t have a key, and it seems all of my neighbors decided to leave town the day I arrive with 2 car loads of heavy stuff. Thanks for the warm welcome guys.
3:00 pm – Finished moving in!!
3:30 pm – Katka comes up with the amazing idea to hit up Ikea since we have the van until the next morning, and there are lots of things my roommate and I need get soon.
4:30 pm – Arrive at Ikea. I could spend days there.
7:00 pm – Arrive back at my place with 6 heavy boxes and no guys to help us carry it up. However, after circling the block for 20 minutes, we have to stop in the middle of the road (with 3 cars waiting behind us) and “quickly” remove all boxes from the van and onto the side walk.
7:30 pm – Katka and I stare at what we have to carry up 4 flights and wonder what the heck we were thinking.
7:35 pm – All of my neighbors are still mysteriously missing/ignoring our knocking on their doors, so, yet again, no elevator for us. Curses!
8:00 pm – After 3 boxes I literally think I’m going to pass out. This is when a single girl wishes she had a husband to take care of the heavy lifting. We decide to open up the rest of the 3 boxes and carry the pieces up individually.
8:30 pm – With one box left I try to persuade Katka to just leave it down there and we will get it in the morning. Thankfully she smacks some sense into me. It wouldn’t be fun to only have half the pieces to my new bureau.
8:45 pm – We are finally done. We quickly get into our pj’s and reward ourselves for this impressively productive day with last week’s Grey’s Anatomy.

8:00 am – We both wake up feeling every muscle in our body ache.

Here are some pics from the day:

What I woke up to:

Friends that came to help. I was pretty excited everything fit in two cars.

All my stuff.

The four flights of stairs.

My new building. I promise I wasn't lying about being on the fourth floor, you just can't see it here.

The park across the street from my place.

A view from inside the park.

Ok, well I hope this was a sufficient update on my move. On another note, I haven't had internet at home for 5 weeks now, which is extremely inconvenient. I'm kind of going crazy. That's another reason for my lack of posts lately. Yep, I'm still giving you excuses, but this one is pretty valid. I'm hoping it'll get set up here on Friday. We'll see.


Gavin said...

Oh my GOSH I miss being in SK with all of you!! Cool pics. Is there a way to type my typical solute for you...? :)

babes.having.babes said...

okay so i'm about to hop a plane to Bratislava & hook up some internet myself. I'm so glad you updated on the move - I've been thinking, worrying, praying for you. Lets see some pics of the new bureau!

Will said...

You need to do this more often. Be that awkward girl at Cafe Internet Expresso!!!

Lauren said...

a lauren/laura moment:

going to see "children of men" with closed captioning.

i got a new place too, so i will totally relate to your moving woes in about two weeks!

Jarröt G. said...

You live across from the Presidents Palace. I'm so jealous! I loved that park, I took main naps under those tree that summer. I just love it!

Sarah Burton said...

There is literally so much I could go on and on about in this latest glorious posting. I honestly cannot believe we have not spoken in this long. We are going to have TONS to talk about when we do and just know I would camp out with you anytime at IKEA.

Katka said...

oh man...that was a long day! so this past weekend I literally did NOTHING. nothing. it was great.

though the heating was broken so it was so cold at our house. SO freaking cold. it was miserable.

good job with posting pictures :)

BritBoat said...

That was a stinkin long post!!
It's ok, though, I enjoyed it. I wish I could've helped you move...though, even if I was overseas, I'd be in Ukraine, which is far far away from you...SO, I probably wouldn't be there anyway...dang.

Amy Lawlor said...

so wish i could have been there to help!!!! oddly your stuff all piled into the blue van looked a lot like all my stuff piled into the blue van when i moved to ZA. oh wait. it's mostly the same stuff :) miss you...thinking of you here on turkey day weekend. hope you are good! love you Amy