Monday, January 21, 2008

A little late, I realize...

So, I went to Paris for Christmas with, of course, my dear friend Katka, and life got too crazy for me to ever post anything about it. So in a few bullets I'll sum up our trip:

- It was great fun, but we both agreed going to Paris in warm weather would have been better. There are so many things to enjoy outside, and when you are freezing your butt off you don't get to enjoy them as much.

- The area of Montmartre was by far our favorite.

- The subway system there is amazing and makes getting around Paris extremely easy.

- Lemon tarts (or torts, whatever) are super tasty.

- Paris is freaking expensive.

- Beware of sketchy Frenchmen... they want kisses. Seriously. We got accosted twice. Gross.

Alright, now I'll leave you with a few pics from our time there. Actually, I'm just leaving you with a little montage we made when we were at the Louvre with the Mona Lisa. We took too many pics for me to weed through them all, so I figured I'd just leave you with ones that make me laugh. Because, as a guy I went to high school with said, "Laughter is the best medicine. Unless you are a diabetic, then it's insulin."

The lovely Katka:

I'm pretty sure if Davinci was living today that I'd be his muse...

What? This smile isn't mysterious enough? Fine.


Will said...


Your face is the face that all faces should face.

Up Top!

You love me,


BritBoat said...

There's a bit of a typo in there...I wouldn't say anything, but it made me laugh. So, "as a guy I went to high school said"? Ya, sounds like you're calling yourself a guy. hehehehe
Just thought I'd tell ya.
Love the pics!

Anonymous said...

yeah, that's right! i think you'd definitely be Da Vincis's muse... i almost feel like i should start painting ;)

stani xxx

Will said...

What happened to the blog Laura. It's been like 80 weeks since your last bloggings

LBA said...

Somebody needs to update me!

gabbana said...

:D haha, you made me laugh with this! :D

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