Friday, May 23, 2008

It's that time again...

So, this coming Wednesday our summer interns arrive. Very exciting! But this also means that in just a few days we start the JV Intern Race. For those of you who don't know, it's basically our own version of that show, the Amazing Race, where we have each JV intern team travel across Czech doing different challenges and what not until they reach the final destination, Malenovice, where intern training is. That was probably a run on sentence.

Anyhow, I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the Intern Race. You see, 2 years ago, when I was an intern, I had to go through this, and lets just say I was the only one of all 50 or so people that cried during the race. Yep, I was that girl. The tears culminated after one unreadable astronomical clock, a twisted foot, us getting extremely lost, more walking than should be humane (on my twisted foot), a meal of grotesque cheese and onions, and me slipping down a muddy bank. Falling down in the mud is what pushed me over the edge... I was just done after that. And what is amazing is that I have my little breakdown caught in photos, thanks to the paparazzi, also known as Gavin Desnoyers.

Pre-Fall: Laughing it up with Amy

The Fall: Just before I had literally said, "I'm probably going to fall down this, and when that happens, I'm probably going to cry..."

Post-Fall: We had to raft down this river. If you look, you can totally see that I'm crying. Classic.

Earlier I wrote that I had a love/hate relationship because although I desperately hated being lost, and my feet felt like they should be amputated, I arguably laughed more during these 3 days than any other time in my life. So, I'm really hoping that this year I have all the laughs, minus the throbbing pain in my feet and the lame tears.

Oh, and just so you know, 2 years ago my team came in dead last by hours. Impressed? You should be.


Sarah Burton said...

Last place mixed with awesome and a dash of awkward dance made us rock stars! How I loved that summer.

BritBoat said...

I think I cried last year. You're not alone. If you need to...when we all come together during this year's race...we can cry together. :-)

Melissa said...


I feel like a jerk because I couldn't talk longer! I want to catch up with you so bad! I will be reading your blog this summer and promise to try and catch up with you very soon though I know you have a very busy summer ahead. Oh, and I can remember having that very overwhelmed feeling as an intern one day that involved too much zmrzlina (I know I butchered that). But yeah, you can have too much of a good thing.

I love you! You are in my prayers.

gaveenko said...

I'll just go ahead and wear that paparazzi title as a badge of honor! Oh, the memories that we all share... :) I desperately miss being there with you guys this year and look forward to hearing how Amazing Race, 2008, turns out!

Lauren said...

oh gosh. laura, these are the pictures you've been promising to show me for over a year. totally made my day.

love and miss you.

Amy Lawlor said... the corners of my mind. misty water colored memries, of that time you fell. man what an amazing summer that many good times. hope this summer kicks that summer in the teeth and that you have a really really great season. hope you are good. think about you a lot and am glad you are giving your blog mouth to mouth.