Thursday, August 21, 2008

Levice KECY

So, our third and final camp this year was with Levice. To be honest, our team was incredibly burnt out at this point. We had just had an amazing camp with Bratislava, and the idea of having to do it all over again with a completely different group of students was a little stressful. And at this point in the summer all of our immune systems were slowly shutting down, so we were all feeling a little sick. But, we knew we had to do it, so we rallied as best as we could.

Now, I'd love to say that this camp was a breeze for us, but in reality it was the most difficult camp we had all summer. I've never experienced the amount of spiritual warfare that we encountered during this week, especially on the day that we were going to present the Gospel. However, we definitely saw God move more in this camp than any other time this summer. We were completely honored and humbled to be a part of this camp, and especially to work with this Slovak team. They were phenomenal all week, and I know that I have made some true friends from among them.

As always, here are some pics from the Levice KECY:

Here we are teaching the camp dance on the first night:

And here are the students learning it... It was awesome how excited they were to do it! Sometimes we just get blank stares, so it's always nice when students WANT to learn it.

This is Laci and Edita. They were our camp leaders this week, and they are officially 2 of my most favorite people in this country:

Some tug-of-war action during activity time. Here are the girls kicking butt! They killed the guys, but the guys were also drastically outnumbered:

Us with all the girls on the Levice camp team. These girls are all so amazing, not to mention gorgeous:

A picture of all of us at camp... Check out those sweet carpets!

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Anonymous said...

Hey LT!
it seems that the camp was amazing!!!!! I am so glad!!! You are great, girl!!!!!! I am so excited to see what you're doing over there....
I truly miss you, my friend!

stani xxx