Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Oh man...

So, clearly a lot has happened since my last post, but I'm not even going to go through my usual apologies at this point. I figure whatever readers I do have are coming to expect these periods of blog silence from me, so I'll just continue living up to those awesome expectations. Bring them on!!

Right now I'm sitting in Zilina at our conference table in Kompas, where we usually have our team meetings, listening to some of my favorite music. At this moment a sweet Under the Influence of Giants jam came on and I'm loving it. My brother just wrote about their awesomeness in one of his bloggings, so you should probably skip over there and check it out after you're done with mine. But not before you're done reading mine, because then I'll be offended.

As I'm sitting here I'm realizing how exhausted I am in every since of the word - physically, mentally, and spiritually. This summer has been thus far the most difficult summer I've ever experienced in Slovakia, for a multitude of reasons. And the funny thing is that I knew it would be. Back in April I was praying with 2 of my friends in Bratislava, about the upcoming summer and what it held, and we all received the same thing from God on that afternoon. He told us that yes, this summer would be very difficult for me, but that I was not alone. And this is the truth that I've been clinging to over these past weeks. I'm not alone. He is with me always. And not only is he, but also a host of amazing friends and family that have me in their prayers. Praise God.

But, although this summer has been difficult, there have also been some really sweet moments throughout. Over the next few days I hope to fill you in on those.


Margaret said... I love you LOTS!! I am praying for your summer!!

Amy Lawlor said...

you are great. so so so good to hang out with you the other day. crazy proud of you and of what God's done in your life these last 2 years. you are amazing and loved and are being prayed for. love you Lawlor