Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Two weekends ago my team hosted KPM here in Zilina. KPM is an annual conference held for all the youth workers across Slovakia, and this year close to 600 people attended. I had little involvement with the production of this conference (In fact, all I really did was arrange a fruit display on the stage, but it was the most compelling fruit display anyone has ever seen!! Or at least that's what I keep telling myself...) so instead I was able to attend and enjoy all the hard work my team had done.

In fact, there was a whole group of us that attended the conference together: me, Paige, Amy, Bekah, Zuzka (my roommate), Stani (Paige's roommate), and a couple other girls that Paige had taught at the university. We also had two girls from Arkansas, Laura and Hannah, who flew in to experience KPM and have a chance to spend time with Paige's university girls. From the Thursday that KPM began, until the Monday after it ended, we all spent every meal and evening together. We had a great time attending the sessions, playing games, cooking meals... all in fellowship with one another. It was a good time.

Here is a picture of some of us from that weekend.

Top row, left to right: Laura, me, Janka, Evka, Paige, Stani. Bottom row, left to right: Hannah, Amy, Zuzka


Sarah Burton said...

If I comment on every blog, does that make me a stalker?? I just love reading them. Can you send me an updated list of warp zones in the Richmond area. Think I might jump in one and come see you. Cool?

BritBoat said...

Who are these Arkansas girls? Do I know them? Should I? And, to answer your question: yes, I know all people in Arkansas!

Congrats on your compelling fruit display! Oh to be a pear upon that table! (I like pears)