Friday, June 27, 2008

Amazing Race

So as you know I was a little anxious about the race this year, but it ended up being a bunch of fun. My interns were just as chill as I was about it, so we ended up taking it easy... and by taking it easy, I mean that we even took 4 hours to just sightsee in Prague. Yeah... we were that group. Later on in the race we met up with another Slovakia team and a Czech team, and with our powers combined we became TEAM CZECHOSLOVAKIA!!!! Here are some pics from the race:

Here are me and my interns, Leila and Sarah, enjoying Prague:

Here Team Czechoslovakia is trekking through some random Czech city to yet another train... I'm hiding behind the guy in obscenely short shorts.

The race this year centered around taking millions of trains to random destinations. Well, clearly not million... but a lot. On this train there were no open seats, so we had to sit in the aisle. Literally.

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Anonymous said...

Umm... so I must salute you on the two awesome pictures you posted. The first being the awesome jumping picture of you. I give you a ten on your form! Second, the awesome short short man!! I sure hope you know him well, and give him an "up top" for his fearless show of the white upper-thigh! I love you!