Friday, June 27, 2008

Intern Training

Intern training is always one of my favorite times during the year. It's so fun to be around all of my friends from the other JV countries, along with all of these college students from the States who are eager to serve in Eastern Europe. This year was great as always, and especially intense for me. The Lord really spoke to me through friends and spiritual teaching, and it was clear that He was pursuing me to really face head on some issues in my own life.

One other amazing thing from intern training was a new game that Sarah and I made up. Well, I don't know if you can really call it a game, but you can call it fun! (insert cheesy laughter) All you have to do is try to do your best cheerleading jump. Awesome! And this fab game did not just stay between Sarah and myself, oh no, it spread amongst the whole training...

Sarah showing us how it's done:

Brittney shocking us with her skills:

Chris casually dominated all of us:

Jay continued to prove to me that I had no ups at all:

Us getting one last jump in before parting ways for the summer:

And we couldn't resist a pyramid:

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